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Finpom Oy is Finnish seed potato company located in High Grade seed potato area in northern Finland. Finpom established in 2007 is a daughter company of German Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH. Finpom Oy produce Europlant varieties from first open field generations to certified seed and over twenty different potato varieties for different purposes. In addition to Finnish markets and our own production chain, we produce pre-basic seed classes for multiplication for Europlant Group and certified seed for export.

Finpom has strong competence of seed potato cultivation and we have also closed farms to ensure the health of our seeds. Finnish High-Grade area has over 40-year experience of producing high quality seed potato. Area is located on the coast of North Ostrobothnia, at a latitude of 64° degrees north. Seed potatoes originating in a High-Grade area are known for being free of potato pests and for their high quality. Area benefits from the long Finnish summer days with their extended daylight hours, which have an advantageous impact on the crop capacity and starch formation of seed potatoes. The local climate and stone-free sandy soils are also perfectly suited for potato farming.

We do continuous co-operation with research institutions and other development parties to improve our activities and service. Further information and contact:

Finpom Oy

Leppiojantie 7

FIN-91800 Tyrnävä


VAT-number: FI21158958

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Heikki Markus

Managing Director,

product management

+358 41 544 2011

Tommi Tuomela



+358 50 372 8398

Anu Markus

Accounts, marketing


+358 41 544 2012

Heidi Istolahti

Production, R&D



+358 40 535 5185

© Finpom Oy - Finpom is located in Tyrnävä which is the Finnish HIGH GRADE -area for producing clean seed potato.

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